As a result of the ambition and the idea of gathering the artist of common interests, and quite different poetics and expressions, Boško Petrović Tapestry Colony was founded with the goal to develop and popularise the art of tapestry. It started in 1998 as a Yugoslavian colony and since 2008 it became international in character. The idea of Atelier 61 to develop and enrich the contacts and the collaboration among the artists – the participants of the colony is as important as the diversity of artists’ views, opinions and understanding of the nature of tapestry. The colony lasts for ten days and during that time the artists make sketches, projects and cartoons, according to which the tapestries will be made in Atelier 61 for the collection, or the artists can work directly on the making of the tapestry. An important factor in this programme is presentation of the artists and their tapestries, which directly contributes to the exchange of ideas, experiences and different cultural perspective amongst the authors of different geographical and generation background.