Work of Atelje 61

The main function of the institution for making artistic tapestry Atelier 61 is the making of tapestry based on artists’ cartoons. In a fascinating synthesis of weaving as an old craft and contemporary art, by enriching the cultural heritage of Serbia with autonomous tapestry medium, high standards of fine art have been achieved, which establish Atelier 61 as one and only professional and complex centre for tapestry making in the Balkans and one of the few such centres in Europe.

Systematic preservation, nurturing, and making of tapestries at Atelier 61 entails in its six decades of existence dealing with the problems of various poetics and aesthetic values in service of decorative concept characteristic not only for tapestry, but for the problems and concepts of the development of contemporary art in general.

Apart from its main function in terms of tapestry making, Atelier 61 also organises exhibitions, publishes works, and educates. In such sense Atelier 61 has organised over 200 exhibitions in our country and abroad to this day on almost all of the continents except Africa and Australia. As some of the main projects realized in terms of publishing we would like to single out a Monograph published for the first 40 years of its existence, under the name of Atelier 61-tapestries, whilst all programmes that are realized are accompanied by various publications and catalogues. When it comes to education, especially adult education, there is our School of Weaving, which has existed since 1997, with more than one hundreds participants.